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How Healthy is your Business?

Business owners and operators often pay attention to headline issues such as marketing, sales, revenue, cash flow and budgeting issues. However, it is easy to overlook important legal issues and the relevant protections available to businesses such as using appropriate legal structures, having written agreements between business owners, using well drafted Terms & Conditions with their customers and implementing employment agreements and workplace policies. Ensuring that your business complies with the legal basics and protects itself from disputes enables you to ‘get on with the job’ and focus on your business knowing it has a clean bill of health.

Does your Business Need a Check Up?

Time pressures can make it hard to keep all elements of your business in check. Sometimes focusing on the day to day requirements of your business can mean that broader issues and longer-term projects are overlooked. By the time deficiencies become apparent it is often too late.

If you are unsure whether your business practices, systems, and documents cover all the legal essentials, you could benefit from our free Legal Relationship Review.

We review the internal and external legal relationships of your business and analyse what documentation, systems and preventative measures you have in place and what risks exist for your business. We can then suggest and implement appropriate strategies to improve the health of your business.

We make the Review Easy by...

  1. Providing it to you at no charge
  2. Making it quick and simple for you
  3. Doing the analysis on the spot
  4. Identifying risks and opportunities
  5. Suggesting solutions
  6. Developing and implementing the solutions
  7. Updating your systems to comply with changes to the law

Our Team

We have a dedicated team with a successful history of helping businesses with their legal needs. We provide independent legal advice and assistance at the highest standards. We have extensive experience in business and commercial law and keep our people at the forefront of the law through constant research, training and education.

Organise a Legal Relationship Review

To arrange a free Legal Relationship Review contact our team online, or call 1300 306 335