Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning is an important part of everyone’s lives as it affects almost all Australians.  Dooley & Associates, estate planning lawyers in Parramatta can demystify and explain to you all aspects of estate planning from helping you prepare a simple Will to the more complex Will, Testamentary Trusts and other important documents often overlooked in estate planning such as the Binding Death Nomination, Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship or Advanced Health Care Directive.

Getting Estate Planning right not only helps put your mind at ease now but will also help you and your family during times of turmoil and emotional upheaval.  There are a number of legal estate planning documents that may protect your interests including:

  • Will: Deals with a number of matters which arise after your death, including who receives your assets and in what proportion, who will look after your minor children and any burial instructions.

  • Testamentary Trusts/Life Estates: Sophisticated estate planning tools used for tax planning and asset protection.

  • Power of Attorney: Allows someone to act in your capacity in circumstances you specify to sign documents or make decisions for you regarding your property and finances, whilst you are still alive.

  • Enduring Power of Attorney: Enables you to appoint a trusted person or persons to make financial and/or property decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to physically attend to your affairs.  An Enduring Power of Attorney can take effect whilst a person still has capacity and continues to operate once a person loses legal capacity.

  • Enduring Guardianship: Appoints a guardian for you if you become legally incapacitated, who can make decisions for you about your residence, physical care and medical and dental treatment.

  • Advance Health Care Directive ("Living Will"): Provides your medical practitioners and guardian with detailed instructions as to what you want to happen if you become incapacitated, (e.g. treatment to be provided or not provided).

  • Binding Death Benefit Nomination: States who is to receive your Superannuation.  Without this, the trustees of your Super Fund can distribute your superannuation to whomever they want.

  • Contract to make Mutual Wills: A contract to make a Mutual Will is not a Will itself but is rather an agreement between people that they make a Will in a certain manner on the condition that the other person(s) makes a Will in a particular form.

Our Estate Planning Lawyers in Parramatta are able to accurately and promptly deal with all your estate related needs.  We pride ourselves on being compassionate and dealing with these types of matters in a professional and caring manner.  If circumstances are more complex, we can work with you and your financial planner, accountant and other specialists to provide you with practical and effective advice as to the best estate planning options available to you, specific to your circumstances.

We Make Estate Planning Quick and Easy

Estate planning protection only takes 5 easy steps:

  1. Telephone us to make an appointment with our Wills lawyer at our Parramatta office.
  2. Complete our Instruction Forms.
  3. Attend the meeting where we can get to know your individual circumstances and give you advice tailored to your personal estate planning needs.
  4. Review the draft document(s) we provide to you and make an appointment to come in and sign the original document(s).
  5. Attend a meeting with us to execute the document(s) at which time we can store the originals in our safe custody and provide you with certified copies or return the originals to you for your own safekeeping.

We have reasonable fixed fee pricing for estate planning documents, including reduced rates for the preparation of multiple documents at the same time.  Please contact our estate planning lawyers to arrange an appointment and get peace of mind for you and your family.


The Executor is the person appointed in a Will to administer the deceased person's estate.

The Executor has two main functions.  The first is to make appropriate funeral arrangements and the second is to ensure that the terms of the Will are carried out.

In simple terms, Executors have a duty to:

  • take control of a deceased person's assets;
  • promptly pay any debts from the deceased’s assets; and
  • distribute the estate to the beneficiaries named in the Will in accordance with the Will.

In some cases this can be a complex and involved process.  Our Wills and Probate Lawyers based in Parramatta, Sydney, are highly skilled and experienced in handling the obtaining of Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration and the proper administration of estates.

Sometimes disputes arise around whether the executor of the estate is fulfilling their obligations and appropriately executing their duties as the administrator of the estate.

If you have concerns about the responsibilities of an executor, please contact our Will Disputes team.