Employment Contract Lawyers

Starting a new job is an exciting and, at times, nerve wracking experience. Often in the excitement people overlook the importance of thoroughly reading and understanding the employment contract that they have been presented with.

While many employment contracts are relatively "standard" documents, it is important to make sure that you understand the full nature, content and effect of any document you are asked to sign. Occasionally there are nasty surprises hiding away in what otherwise appear to be simple documents.  The consequences of not properly understanding your rights and obligations can be serious and far reaching and result in significant personal and financial stress. It is often not until you are at the end of the employment relationship that people look at their contracts for any ‘issues’ by which time its often too late. 

Our experienced employment lawyers prepare, negotiate and advise on employment contracts everyday so we can rapidly identify potential pitfalls and areas where you can take advantage and protect yourself.

Whether you have been presented with a employment contract as a part of an offer of a new job, you are considering resigning from your employment or your employment has recently come to an end there is great value in having a expert employment contract lawyer review your document. This review and advice could unable you to seek to have appropriate amendments made to a contract before you sign it or alternatively ensure that you receive what you are entitled to or not improperly restrained from certain activities after your employment has come to an end.

We are employment contract lawyers in Sydney who can assist you with the review and negotiation of employment agreements and contracts. We specialise in providing clarity and confidence as to our 's legal rights and obligations.