Discrimination is one of the most upsetting experiences that a person can be exposed to. In Australia it is illegal to discriminate against a person based on their age, disability, race, gender, marital status, pregnancy, family and/or carer's responsibilities, sexuality and/or gender indentification. Protection against sexual harrassment is also a right under Australia's anti-discrimination laws. 

Both the Australian Human Rights Commission and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board have the power to receive and investigate discrimination complaints received within 12 months of the date on which the act (or acts) of discrimination occurred.

In our experience the majority of discrimination matters are resolved through the parties reaching an agreement. This may involve the payment of compensation, an apology and/or statement of regret and a commitment to undertake further education and training. 

Our experienced team of lawyers have years of experience in the discrimination area and can assist you in making a complaint in the event that you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination.