Debt Recovery

There are few things more frustrating than chasing debtors.

Typically the cause of a bad debt is a failure in the initial client engagement process. We can review your current approach to client engagement, account management and internal debt control and help to create real and valuable reductions to your administration time, effort and costs with improved credit control which of course means improved cash flow.

Sometimes despite your best efforts debtors just don't pay. We can assist with problem debtors through negotiation and, if necessary, court proceedings. 

Whether you are owed money by a client or customer, or you yourself are having difficulty managing your own creditors, we can assist to implement a strategy to get your finances in order.

Owed Money?

Our experienced litigation team can guide you through the debt recovery process. We have assisted clients with debt recovery matters in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales.   

We can help you with advice on the legal process involved in debt recovering by providing further information on:

  • How to submit the statement of claim;
  • How to respond to a defence;
  • How to prepare and what to expect at a pre trial hearing or call over;
  • How to prepare and what to expect at a hearing; and
  • How to enforce a judgment

Our team also has extensive experience with Creditors Statutory Demands and adjudication applications under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 and can assist you in determining whether these options represent an appropriate alternative to court proceedings.

Owe Money?

Cash flow is an ongoingt battle for many small to medium sized businesses. Sometimes despite your best efforts there simply is not enough cash available to pay all of the bills on the date that they fall due. 

We can assist you with implementing a strategy to ensure that you are proactive in managing your debts and avoid expensive and time consuming litigation.

We also recognise that the existence or size of a debt is often genuinely disputed.  We can assist you with: 

  • Responding to a letter of demand;
  • Defending court proceedings; and
  • Responding to a Creditors Statutory Demand for Payment of Debt.

Our aim is to help you to resolve debt disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible so you can get on with the business of running your business.