Corporations Law

There are significant legal and regulatory requirements imposed on companies in Australia. In many instances the ultimate responsibility for compliance with those requirements rests with a company's officeholders. It is essential that company directors and other officeholders understand their obligations and the personal liability that can arise where those obligations are not met.

Careful consideration also needs to be given to the internal rules of a company. Disputes can and often do arise over issues such as the appointment and removal of directors and changes in the shareholding of a company. Without a clear agreement between shareholders these disputes can snowball into costly and time consuming court action.

Whether you are starting up a new company, running an established company or are involved in a company dispute, we can help you to understand the rights and obligations involved in operating a company.

We can help with:

  • Incorporation;
  • Sale of Shares;
  • Directors Duties;
  • Shareholder rights;
  • Disputes and Litigation;
  • Creditors Statutory Demands;
  • Winding Up Orders;
  • Administration and/or Liquidation