Commercial Leasing

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant a lease is critical legal document. It sets out your rights and obligations for the period that the lease runs, and for the option period.

Entering into a lease is not something to be done without very careful planning and consideration due to the significant obligations imposed on both the landlord and tenant. Leases will often have a fundamental impact on the value and viability of a business.

Despite this key issues are often overlooked when it comes to commercial leases. For instance, you need to ensure that your business is permitted to operate within the zone that the premises are located. You also need to check permitted operating hours and related matters, such as traffic and parking arrangements.

You need to ensure that you understand all of your obligations under a lease and be sure that you can meet those obligations, otherwise you may find yourself in a costly dispute. Leases will often contain financial obligations that go beyond having to pay the rent and outgoings. Lease can often contain legal costs provisions, refurbishing obligations, requirements to service, maintains and even repair plant & equipment such as air conditioning and of course make good obligations

Whether you are the landlord of the tenant we can assist you with all of your commercial leasing needs. We help educate and advise clients about the finer points of leasing to avoid disputes and costly mistakes. Contact us if you need assistance with:

  • Advice as to a lease;

  • Drafting a lease;

  • Negotiating a lease ;

  • Amending, transferring or surrendering a lease

  • Enforcing your rights under a lease