So you think you can drive?

Posted on 26 December 2011

Everyone hopes they will never be in the situation where they lose their licence but it can happen to anyone. As the Christmas season approaches so too does the longest continuous period of the double demerit scheme. This is significant for example if you are caught speeding less than 15km/ph you would normally accrue 3 demerit points however during double demerits it would result in the accrual of 6 points. This is almost half the number of points you are allowed to accrue in any 3 year period. If you are involved in two such offences or are on a learner or provisional drivers licence you could find yourself without a licence.

As well as the double demerit scheme being in place there is also a higher police presence on the roads therefore the chance of getting caught is higher. Other offences such as drink driving and speeding 30km/ph or more can result in an immediate loss of licence.

What is important to know is if your licence is suspended or you are disqualified from driving you MUST NOT drive during that period. If you do drive and are caught then you could face a heavy fine, 18 months imprisonment and a 12 month licence suspension and if it is a second major traffic offence then the penalties are much more severe.

If your licence is suspended for any period of time, either by a court or the RTA, we recommend that at the end of your suspension period you go to the RTA (do not drive there) to renew your licence and confirm that you are able to drive. If you do not do so and continue to drive, although your suspension period may be over, your licence may still be cancelled and you will be guilty of the offence of driving whilst unlicenced, the penalty for which could be a heavy fine, up to 18 months imprisonment and up to 12 month licence suspension.

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