On the Sixth Day of Christmas 2011... family celebrations didn't quite go to plan

Posted on 16 December 2011

The holiday season can be a time of great joy but also great difficulty for individuals and families living in divided situations, especially where children are involved.

Here are a few points to consider to help you get through the Festive Season without causing further issues in the New Year.

  • If it becomes evident that counselling is needed, seek it early in a dispute.
  • Do not involve your children in any of your disputes or issues. Your problems and concerns are adult issues; let kids be kids this Christmas and don’t let poor communication ruin their Christmas.
  • If you have joint funds and things have gone badly for you, separate your funds until you can consult a solicitor and make sure you are joint signatories on any joint accounts.
  • Violence should never be tolerated. If this occurs, call the police asap.

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