Top 10 Best Employment Reminders

Posted by Luke Mitchell on 24 April 2019
Top 10 Best Employment Reminders

EMPLOYERS – Five quick questions

  1. 1. Do all employees have employment contracts which outline their requirements of their role, the terms of their employment and set out relevant restrictions should their employment be terminated;
  2. 2. Do you have policies which cover Intellectual Property, Expected Behaviour, Bullying & Harassment, use of Social Media, Drug and Alcohol use;
  3. What training do you have in place for on-boarding new employees and re-training / updating existing employees;
  4. Are your contractors actually contractors;and
  5. Do you understand the new Casual Conversion changes to employee expectations.

EMPLOYEES – Five quick facts

  1. You have a right to expect a safe working environment;
  2. The contents of your Employment Contract do apply even if you didn't read them when you signed the document;
  3. If you are dismissed, you must file for Unfair Dismissal within 21 days of the date of your dismissal;
  4. If you drive a company vehicle, it is your responsibility as the driver to confirm the vehicle has been registered and insurance paid; and
  5. Company policies do apply during out of hours company functions and Christmas parties.

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