January 1 - The first key deadline looms for those with casual employees

Posted by Malcolm Campbell on 21 December 2018
January 1 - The first key deadline looms for those with casual employees

Did you know that the new amendments to Modern Awards require employers to inform casual employees, that they may have a right to request transition from casual employment, to full-time or part-time employment by 1 January 2019?

The new standard Modern Award clause defines a "regular casual employee", and one who can request conversion, as a casual employee who in the preceding 12 months worked a pattern of hours on an ongoing basis which, without significant adjustment, they could continue to perform as a full-time employee or part-time employee, under the provisions of the relevant  Modern Award.

Employers are required to provide a copy of the new provision to casual employees:

  • for new casuals, within the first 12 months of their engagement; or
  • in relation to existing casual employees, by 1 January 2019.

There’s no doubt that there is immense pressure on employers to ensure casual employees are well informed of their rights and most importantly, to have in place an effective process to handle any requests for conversion.

We’re also keeping a really close eye on proposed plans by the Federal government to prevent casual employees from double “double dipping”.

IR Minister Kelly O'Dwyer says the Government will recommend updates to current regulations in order to ensure  employers have the ability to  offset payments of casual loadings previously made to casuals who are subsequently  found eligible for ”permanent” leave entitlements.

It’s a crucial time for employers to be thoroughly  across the changing landscape when it comes to casual employees.

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On Thursday 7 February 2019, we’ll be hosting a Better Business  Workshop: Casual Employees - Conversion, Statutory Entitlements & Other Challenges, focusing on the many questions around the new Casual Conversion laws and address topics including Casual Entitlements.

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In the meantime, being prepared and understanding exactly what the casual conversion entitlement is and the impact it can have on  your business is absolutely critical to minimise negative outcomes. We have created procedures, documents and  guidelines to help you navigate this successfully.

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