Kickstart your 2018 Business Goals

Posted by Malcolm Campbell, Luke Mitchell on 07 February 2018
Kickstart your 2018 Business Goals

As you get back to the office and are setting goals for the New Year, if buying a business is on the agenda here are our top tips:





  1. Conduct thorough due diligence;
  2. Make sure that the method used the valuing the business is realistic and make sure you consider important issues such as WIP and stock;
  3. Allow for adjustments to the purchase price in the event that anything occurs or arises that may affect the profits or value of the business, for example, employee entitlements;
  4. Carefully consider apportionment of the purchase price for stamp duty purposes in terms of both the dutiable property the subject of the transaction, and its location;
  5. Obtain comprehensive representations and warranties by the vendor as to the state of the business and adequate restraints from the vendor;

We'll share more of our tips for buying a business in next week's blog.