Client engagement – getting it right - Part 2

Posted by Malcolm Campbell on 24 May 2017
Client engagement – getting it right - Part 2

Following on from last week's blog here are some further tips in ensuring that once you land that client you get paid for your work:





  1. Make it hard to owe you money: structure your engagement process, provisions of goods or services, invoicing practices and the available payment methods such that it's hard for them to not pay you. Pick a process that works for you and stick to it. Invariably bad debts arise when you deviate from your standard client engagement process

  2. Make it all enforceable: if push comes to shove make sure you have written T&Cs in place that are readily enforceable. A robust document which can be referred to if necessary goes a long way to avoiding bad debts and if necessary will enable you to commence formal recovery proceedings if need be. (read more here)

We specialise in providing clarity and confidence to business operators in their legal relationships with their customers and clients. If you think your business contracts, client engagement documents and processes need reviewing – or if you don't have any – contact us before it becomes a real problem for your business.