To all businesses located in the Sydney Hills Region

Posted by Malcolm Campbell on 17 March 2017
To all businesses located in the Sydney Hills Region

The third Sydney Hills Business Performance and Sentiment Index (PSI) is now underway. Local business owners and managers have until the end of March to complete the survey. There are some excellent reasons to spend ten minutes of your time completing it online.

What is the PSI?

The PSI is an annual survey designed to establish how local businesses are performing, and how they feel about business conditions. Questions revolve around understanding the impact of the business environment and the key drivers of business performance.

We know that the Hills is a dynamic and growing economy, we also know that this effects businesses in different ways.

The survey seeks to establish how you’re performing now in contrast to the previous period, and how you  think you’ll be performing in the next 6 months.

Why is it important for all businesses in the Hills to complete?

Comparing the results of the survey enables business owners to benchmark their own perspective and performance against all business in the Hills.

The results give you a direct voice to government, Local, State and Federal as to your view on the effecitveness of government policy.

After the survey the Sydney Hills Business Chamber organises focus groups and expert panels to dive deep into issues raised and develop recommendations for business, government and the Chamber to follow.

Its important for everyone to understand how businesses are dealing with the challenges and opportunities they face so that we can maintain an optimistic outlook. When we’re feeling optimistic about the future of our businesses, we’re more likely to consider expanding. And when you add thousands of expanding businesses together, you get more jobs and an economic boost.

Positive performance and sentiment is good for the economy too –The PSI is  an initiative of the  the Sydney Hills Business Chamber,supported by the Hills Shire Council and executed by McCrindle Research. To complete the survey, visit