On the sixth day of Christmas - Christmas Party Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Luke Mitchell on 26 November 2015
On the sixth day of Christmas - Christmas Party Do's and Don'ts

The staff Christmas party can take many different forms - from relaxed outdoor barbeques, drinks at the office, dinner at a restaurant or full on up-scale celebrations at a large function centre.

Here are a few tips for surviving to work another day without a red face, or worse still, without having to front up to your boss for unacceptable behaviour which could leave you without a job:


  1. Make a suitable wardrobe choice as this is still a work event with your boss and fellow work colleagues in attendance.
  2. Choose your "plus one" carefully. Depending on the personality of your husband/wife or partner, consider if the event is going to be suitable for them. Are they outgoing? Mixers? Are they likely to drink too much or be bored?
  3. As alcohol will most likely be available, consider having something to eat prior to the function starting and make sure that you eat more throughout the event. Interspersing alcohol with water or soft drink can also help. Over indulgence in alcohol is the biggest risk factor for bad behaviour and good judgment often goes out the window as alcohol intake increases.
  4. It’s a party – don’t talk business. Leave business behind. It’s not the time for self-promotion to your boss. Show your colleagues that you have a great social side beyond the corridors of business. This is a great opportunity to chat with people you don’t always have the chance to spend time with or get to know better.
  5. Be social media aware. Think carefully about posting photos, making comments or tweeting to the world about the events or people attending the party. Once on the net, forever on the net and you’ve heard the saying "it's a small world", right?
  6. Class not pass – while a few drinks may relax you, this is not the time to hit on the office hunk or that girl you have been wanting to talk to. Unwanted advances, especially if perpetrated while under the influence of a few courage-enhancing drinks, could land you with a harassment complaint to answer in the sober light of the next day. Keep it classy.
  7. Owners, bosses and managers are still the owner, your boss or your manager whether at the Christmas party or at work. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  8. Designated driver – have you considered how you are going to get to the Christmas party and, more importantly, how you will get home? This point is worth putting serious thought into prior to the big day.
  9. Party Buddy – team up with someone you know and trust who will look after you, and in turn you will look after them, and save each other from embarrassment.
  10. Have fun - It is possible to have fun at the office Christmas party while keeping your dignity and remaining professional. Allow yourself to let your hair down, talk about something other than work and get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed context. After all, you’re more than mere cogs in the office machinery – just make sure you maintain certain standards of behaviour and you should be able to eat, drink and be merry.