Increase in the High Income Threshold and filing fees with Fair Work Australia

Posted on 26 August 2011

As of 1 July 2011, the High Income Threshold (HIT) for Unfair Dismissal Claims has increased to $118,100.00. This means, that unless your employment is governed by an Industrial Instrument you must be earning $118,100.00 or less per year to be eligible to make an Unfair Dismissal Claim. Note: there are other eligibility requirements you must satisfy in order to bring an Unfair Dismissal Claim.

This change also results in an increase in the compensation limit to $59,050.00 for unfair dismissal claims and unlawful termination claims occurring after 1 July 2011.

The filing fee for unfair dismissal, unlawful termination and general protections applications has also increased to $62.40 from 1 July 2011.