Spring Clean for your Business - Now's the Time to Get Organised

Posted by Malcolm Campbell on 04 September 2014

End of financial year is now done, spring has sprung and it could be a worthwhile opportunity for you to take a look at your business to ensure you are up to date and covered in the legal aspects of your day to day Business Life. 

At Dooley & Associates we are all about protecting you and your business. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than a cure’. Our complimentary Business Health Check is designed to help you gauge the relative legal health of your business. This can assist you in identifying and then addressing any areas of concern before they become a problem for you. 

Our health check helps you identify the key relationships that your business has – whether they be internal, external, formal or informal – and what risks those relationship pose to your business. Once this is done we address what can be done to help mitigate or eliminate those risks. Most clients are surprised to learn how quick, easy and cost effective it can be to address a large number of significant risks by undertaking his simple process. 

Contact us on 1300 306 335 to book a complimentary Business Health Check to get your spring clean under way!