On the Sixth Day of Christmas... how will the kids divide their time over Christmas between their separated parents

Posted on 05 December 2013

The Festive Season has a major focus on children. However a separation can lead to difficulties in ensuring the kids spend time with both parents but also don’t get involved in any of the conflict or disputes which may also be going on between their parents.

Here are a few points to consider to help you and your children get through the Festive Season enjoying it the way it should be enjoyed.

  • If you have parenting orders in place, make sure you and the other parent work together to ensure that you both comply with the orders to avoid any dispute. If no formal parenting orders are in place but you and the other parent have come to an informal arrangement between you both, stick to the arrangement. You do not want to find yourself in Court in the New Year dealing with a parenting dispute.
  • Do not involve your children in any of your disputes or issues. Your problems and concerns are adult issues. Let the kids be kids this Christmas.
  • Don’t let poor communication ruin Christmas for everyone. Sort arrangements early so that both parents and children understand what the schedule will be. This is also important for planning to ensure your children see their wider family.
  • If things go badly for you this holiday season and you separate with your partner/spouse just before or during this period, you should ensure that you separate any joint funds until you can consult a solicitor and make sure you are joint signatories on any joint accounts.
  • Violence should never be tolerated. If this occurs, call the police asap.
  • If it becomes evident that counselling is needed by you, your child, or a loved one, seek it early – particularly if you are in a dispute with another family member.

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