On the fourth day of Christmas - a quick swat up on Social Media Etiquette before the Christmas Party

Posted on 03 December 2013

A few glasses of wine, a bit of bravado or a dose of boredom and the Christmas party could be off to a fine start by an employee posting an inappropriate photo or comment about the party, a co-worker or their employer. They may think it innocent enough at the time as only their friends will see it and they already know what you think of most of the people you work with or your firm. Wrong! Postings may end up being seen by a vast number of people and as the world gets smaller due to the ever-expanding network we cast with our social media outlets and connections, we often find amazing coincidences when someone we know, knows someone who knows someone and so on. The tweet, pic or post is suddenly out there for many to see and remains online long after the Christmas Party is over.

Here’s a guide to social media etiquette at the Christmas Party to ensure everyone has a happy time and turns up at work on Monday without having to start with an apology or worse still, face serious disciplinary action.

  • Be mindful of your firm’s Social Media Policy.
  • Protect your own and others privacy by not posting specific information.
  • Don’t post if you are intoxicated.
  • If you do take photos and want to post them, check with the people in the photo to ensure it is ok with them.
  • The same sexual harassment and bullying rules apply to inappropriate postings from your Christmas Party as would apply if you were at your desk.
  • Even the Christmas Party counts as “official work time”.

Whilst few people can exist it seems without their electronic devices these days, your office Christmas Party could be the one night it is worth leaving them in your pocket or handbag and concentrating on catching up with colleagues face to face, not Facebook to Facebook.