On the third day of Christmas - remember to post a refresher for staff as to the company policy concerning Social Media, prior to the Christmas Party

Posted on 28 November 2013

 Employer Alert: Remind staff about your Social Media Policy prior to the company Christmas Party.

 As the end of the year is looming and planning for many company Christmas parties is well underway, here is a timely reminder to employers about the necessity to have and to educate staff about the social media policy which applies in your company.

If as an employer, you do not have a clear Social Media Policy in place, you are unfortunately laying yourself open for possible legal action should a staff member bring a sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying charge against another staff member for photographs or comments posted during or after a work event. Staff should be reminded that the same rules apply at the event as those which apply at work.

By way of example, in a recent case where an employee posted unfavourable comments about their employer on Facebook and was subsequently dismissed, a Fair Work Australia Commissioner noted that “Posting comments about employers on a website (Facebook) that can be seen by an uncontrollable number of people is no longer a private matter but a public comment.” Employers and their managers should ensure employees are aware of the implications of posting negative comments or photographs and should ensure that the firm’s Social Media policy is circulated well before the event so that staff are well aware of what is expected of them and the employer’s stance on the such behaviour towards co-workers or the firm itself.

Should you require a review of your current Social Medial policy or need a new policy drawn up, contact Dooley & Associates to assist you.