On the third day of Christmas....the staff Christmas Party is in a few days. Here are some tips to ensure the happy end of year celebration extends into the New Year.

Posted by Luke Mitchell on 20 November 2014

Another year is almost over and it is now a time to celebrate the achievements of all who kept the business moving forward over the past twelve months.  The annual staff Christmas Party is a great way to do this.  However, it should not be forgotten that the party is an extension of regular working hours and that the policies and protocols which apply during business hours, actually still apply at an after-hours function.   Inappropriate behaviour at the Christmas party including fighting, threatening behaviour, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination or just general inappropriate behaviour could still be a reason for disciplinary action or worse, termination.

Here are a few tips to make your Christmas party experience an enjoyable one:

  • Consider how you will arrive at and get home from the party venue safely;
  • Don’t drink too much;
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion;
  • Avoid behaviour which could be construed as discriminatory or bullying and avoid flirting. You don’t want a sexual harassment claim brought against you;
  • Don’t bring a guest if the invitation is only for you;
  • Keep to conversation topics which will not offend. Don’t discuss customers, colleagues or confidential employer information. It’s a great time to speak with colleagues you don’t always have the opportunity to;
  • Remember there may be people at the party who are partners of colleagues so include them and make them feel welcome;
  • Don’t Tweet or post on Facebook any photos or comments about colleagues or management;  and

Don’t be the last one to leave.

Above all, as you spend a considerable amount of time together working for a common goal and this is opportunity for work colleagues to celebrating the year that was, make it a great night and ENJOY!