On the Ninth Day of Christmas.......the invitations are out and you’re planning a Christmas party at home.

Posted by Luke Mitchell on 11 December 2014

Christmas parties held at your home

Are you planning a Christmas party at your home during the Festive Season? If so, here are a few things to remember about holding a safe party, keeping your neighbours on-side and the police from knocking on your door.

  • Talk to your neighbours and give them the date of the party and your contact numbers.
  • Register your party with the Police if it is a large one or if you are concerned about gate crashers.
  • Don’t advertise your party on social media where unwelcome “visitors” may see it.
  • If your party is on a Friday or Saturday night, all amplified sound should cease at midnight. Police can be called after that time if you continue to keep the sound going and a fine could be issued.
  • Consider hiring security guards or have responsible friends at the door to only let in those on a prepared guest invitation list.
  • In any medical emergency, call an ambulance by dialling Triple Zero (000). If your friends have had too much to drink or have taken drugs and have passed out, this is a medical emergency and you should call Triple Zero (000).
  • Police schedule extra RBT units to operate during the Festive Season and now randomly test drivers for alcohol and drugs. P plate drivers have a zero alcohol limit which means no alcohol.

So, to sum up, plan, prepare, kill the music at midnight, do the right thing and make sure your party goers haven’t left a mess on your neighbours front lawn and of course have a good time and a Merry Christmas! 

Happy and safe partying!