The Legal Side of Tax

Posted on 16 July 2013

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today, the ATO is chasing big business in a tax sweep covering both domestic and international dealings. (click here to view the article)

With headlines such as “ATO declares war” and “You’re in the ATO’s sights”, the sword has been drawn and the ATO is hell bent on ensuring tax dollars owed, are identified and recovered.

Here at Dooley & Associates, we have seen a significant increase in the number of clients being referred to us with serious tax related litigation issues. Their problems may be related to their BAS, to Company Tax or unpaid staff superannuation. Unfortunately, time is of the essence when dealing with the ATO. Our advice as always, is to be pro-active and seek advice prior to the problem reaching a serious level, before the ATO actually takes action to recover the debt. If left until the ATO is chasing you it can become a very costly exercise and you may be risking the future of your business and your own financial position.

In the case of tax paying individuals, you also will not escape the ATO’s radar. There is a legal obligation to complete an annual tax return (click here to see our recent blog on this topic).

If you believe you are going to have a problem you will need assistance with or already have had notification from the ATO as to a significant issue, contact Dooley & Associates so that we can guide you through what could become, without the right advice, a very difficult and serious situation. Our team would be happy to discuss your personal circumstances with you.