"How do we know that's you?" Common problems with ID documents

Posted by Luke Mitchell on 18 June 2015

One of the most common problems faced by clients when registering documents  with the Land and Property Information (LPI) and/or filing Court documents is inconsistencies in their proof of identification documents.  Common issues include the absence of middle names, mis-spelt names and/or a change in surname following  marriage or divorce as compared to the details  that appear on the person's  Birth Certificate.

Clients are often aware of the inconsistencies but do not  appreciate the difficulties that this can cause  until later down the track when looking to  refinance, purchase a property, sell a property or  divorce and need to satisfy  ID verification tests.

Inconsistencies in ID documents can  create  problems and cause significant delays, which in turn can create major issues where the transaction in question is urgent.  While it may seem a  trivial issue, from a legal firm’s perspective, problems with ID documents  create what otherwise would be unnecessary extra work and costs.  For this reason we recommend that care is taken to ensure  that the name noted items such as your  Drivers Licence, Medicare card and bank cards is spelt correctly and consistent with your full name as  stated on your Birth Certificate.