Storage of Original Estate Documents

Posted on 09 July 2013

With the ever increasing digital age and the paperless society that we are fast becoming, what becomes of your Estate documents? We’re talking about your original documents such as your Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents. These are certainly NOT documents that you would want to misplace. Losing or not being able to locate the originals of these documents can make it very difficult for the people whom you charged with the responsibility to manage your affairs when you cannot.

It is not uncommon for your Attorney, Guardian or Legal Personal Representative to require access to these documents easily and readily in the event of needing to rely upon them. However, it is not always wise to leave the original documents with those people. Giving them a copy (physical or electronic) is a good step but the document in that form may not be accepted by third parties such as Banks and other organisations as sufficient evidence of the power you have granted to those people. Rather we recommend providing those people with a certified copy of the documents for their reference and/or to provide them with the details of where to find the documents. The original of the documents should be stored in a safe and secure location where they will not be susceptible to loss, damage or destruction.

As a part of our service to our valued clients we offer to store any Estate Planning (or other critical documents) in our Safe Custody facility (whether they have been prepared by us or not) at no extra charge.

Should you wish to get some advice as to your estate planning needs or you feel it may be time that you updated your Estate planning documents or you would simply like to store some important documents with us please do not hesitate to contact our office.