Update on Contractor Payment Reporting requirements due 21 July 2013

Posted on 04 July 2013

If your business is in the Building and Construction Industry, reporting contractor payments via your annual report to the ATO will be due for the first time on 21 July 2013. Are you ready? See our previously published blog links below for further information on your tax obligations and for clarification on just who is deemed to be a contractor:

Contractor payments – what are the obligations.

If you are in building or construction, you may want to read this.

By 21 July 2013 you will need to submit your Contractor Payment Report to the ATO if you hold an Australian business number (ABN), your primary business is in the Building and Construction Industry and you make payments to contractors for their building and construction services.

Ensure you have met your compliance obligations and understand who is and who is not deemed to be a contractor to your business. Should you require advice or clarification of any aspect of your employment obligations, contact Dooley & Associates to speak with one of our team to assist you further.