National Law Week - 13 - 19 May 2013

Posted on 09 May 2013

National Law Week is an annual event aimed at increasing public awareness about the law, the legal system and the legal profession as well as educating the community about the legal services available in New South Wales.

Law Week is a registered charity administered by a board. The board is comprised of leaders from the New South Wales justice system.

Most people in NSW will come into contact with the legal system at some stage of their lives and Law Week provides advice about how to best access the law when this happens.

In addition, Law Week provides an opportunity for legal service providers throughout NSW to participate in programs and events that engage the public and highlight social issues in the community.

The theme for Law Week 2013 is ‘Law and justice in your community’.A community legal expo offering members of the public an opportunity to learn about the law, access a wide range of legal services will be held in Parramatta on Monday 13th May.

For a full list of events throughout law week with cover click here.