Supporting Business to do their Business

Posted on 07 May 2013

When you think of using a lawyer, chances are you think you have to have a problem to need one. Whilst this can be the case, a partnership with your lawyer can enable you to sail through the course of a business year prepared and aware, and assist you to avoid costly litigation from both internal and external stakeholders through inadequate or outdated procedures and documentation.

Changes in Industrial Relations laws alone have occurred regularly over the past few years as newly elected state and federal governments brought in sweeping changes to Industrial Relations laws and to the function and name of the mediating commissions.

So how does a business keep up with changes and know it is covered legally?

Having an relationship with a lawyer you know and trust is a good start. Dooley and Associates offer clients a range of Business Support which can start with a Free Business Health Check. To make it quick and simple, we will come to you at no charge. We will carry out an assessment of your business to identify areas you may need assistance updating or initiating. We’ll help you to identify areas you may not have considered which left alone, could present a future issue.

Contact us to arrange for one of our staff to conduct a Free Business Health Check for you and let us help you ensure you are meeting your legal obligations.