School Zone Reminder during Holiday Period

Posted on 11 April 2013

As the first school term draws to a close, a reminder that school zone speed limits will not be in operation from Monday 15 April until Friday 26 April. School zone speed limits will re-commence from Monday, 29 April.

Exceeding the speed limit in school zones attracts the following points loss:

  •  exceeding speed limit by not more than 10km/h – 2 points
  •  exceeding speed limit by 11-20km/h – 4 points
  •  exceeding speed limit by 21-30km/h – 5 points
  •  exceeding speed limit by 31-45km/h – 6 points and licence suspension
  •  exceeding speed limit by more than 45km/h – 7 points and licence suspension

During the school holiday period the Anzac Day public holiday on Thursday 25 April falls and will see a double demerit point period enforced. The double demerit period begins at 12:01am Wednesday, 24 April running for five days, finishing at 11:59pm Sunday, 28 April.The following is a list of the most common offences which attract double demerit points:

  • exceeding speed limit by not more than 10km/h – 2 points
  • exceeding speed limit by 11-20km/h – 6 points
  • exceeding speed limit by 21-30km/h – 8 points
  • exceeding speed limit by 31-45km/h – 10 points and licence suspension
  • exceeding speed limit by more than 45km/h – 12 points and licence suspension
  • driver not wearing own seatbelt – 6 points
  • driver with passengers not wearing seatbelt – minimum 6 points
  • motorcycle rider without own helmet – 6 points
  • motorcycle rider with a passenger not wearing a helmet – minimum 6 points

Stay safe, drive to the speed limits and road conditions during the school holidays and on Anzac Day.

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