New Road Rules

Posted on 18 February 2013

Following an update from RMS on 1 November, 2012 below is a list of the main changes to take note of. Some of these rulings have only changed in minor wording but regardless, it is worth updating yourself as to what the expectations on drivers are and reminding you of some of the lesser known rules you may have forgotten about.

Mobile Phones

  • You may only use your mobile phone to make or receive calls (no text messaging) IF your device is secured in a fixed mounting or can be operated without touching.
  • You are allowed pass your phone to a passenger to answer
  • P1 drivers (Red P) may not use any function of a mobile phone including hands free even if the device is in a secure fixed mounting

3 demerit points / $298 fine

4 demerit points / $397 fine if in a school zone

GPS (or device used as a driver’s aid)

  • Device must be mounted in a commercially designed bracket and must not obscure the driver’s view or be mounted in a position which would distract the driver

3 demerit points / $298 fine
4 demerit points / $397 fine if in a school zone

Animals and driving - Pets are not allowed to sit on the drivers lap whilst driving

  • Animals cannot be carried on motorcycles (previously allowed on petrol tank) 3 demerit points / $397 fine

4 demerit points / $496 fine if in a school zone

U-turns over dividing lines

  • Drivers and cyclists must not perform a U-turn across single continuous dividing lines or a single continuous dividing line to the left of a broken line or
  • Two parallel continuous dividing lines

3 demerit points / $298 fine (motor vehicles)
4 demerit points / $1191 fine (heavy vehicles)
$66 fine (cyclists)
Exceptions: Drivers may cross continuous dividing lines to enter or leave the road

Give way to Pedestrians

Cars turning into a roadway must give way to pedestrians crossing the road

3 Demerit points / $298 fine

4 demerit points / $397 fine if in a school zone

Roundabouts - New wording to the roundabout rule states:

“Drivers entering a roundabout and intending to turn either left or right must give sufficient warning to other road users by signalling before entering the roundabout.”

2 demerit points / $165 fine

Refresher on roundabout rules:

  • Slow down – get into correct lane – give way to all vehicles already in the roundabout – enter when it is safe
  • Indicate when entering a roundabout using your left indicator if turning left or right indicator if turning right
  • When leaving the roundabout you should be in the left lane if exiting at the first exit (unless otherwise marked)
  • If using a multi-lane roundabout, you may use either lane to go straight ahead (unless otherwise marked)
  • Always use your left indicator unless not practical to do so
  • If turning right, use the right lane (unless otherwise marked)

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