On the fifth day of Christmas........summer is coming and new pool registration laws will apply

Posted on 10 December 2012

Summer has Arrived - is your Pool Registered?

In a bid to reduce the numbers of children that drown in backyard swimming pools each year, in NSW, new regulations have come into force that now require ALL swimming pools to be registered.

Under this new system, Home Owners (including landlords) and any property owners are required to register any swimming pools on their properties and arrange to certify that the swimming pool complies with the legal safety requirements. To do this, owners must organise for a council inspector or accredited private certifier to inspect your pool and issue the appropriate certificate. Home owners have until 29 April 2013 to get this done, including completing any work required to ensure your swimming pool complies with the safety standards. Whilst the ‘register is yet to be set up’, they soon will be; it is important that you start to prepare your swimming pool if it is currently ‘non-compliant’.

Swimming pools in hotels and unit blocks will have mandatory inspections every three years, while councils will carry out random spot checks on ALL other pools. Also, there are further requirements for certificates for anybody intending to lease or sell a property that has a swimming pool which will be required to be part of any lease or Contract for Sale as of 29 April 2014.

There are large fines for those who fail to comply so we strongly recommend that you organise for the registration and inspection of your swimming pools as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, or if you are looking at selling or leasing your property, please contact us for assistance in complying with this new legislation.