On the second day of Christmas ........ it’s the office Christmas Party

Posted on 03 December 2012

Coming to you, for one night only - your firm's Christmas Party!

Here are our top ten tips regarding general etiquette at the Office Christmas Party. The aim is to be able to return to work on Monday and still be able to face your colleagues..... and remember everything you did and said.

  1. Do you really have to go? Yes. Everyone, unless there is a very good reason, should at least put in an appearance at their office Christmas party. It is an extension of the business office and an opportunity to enjoy speaking to staff members you may never get the opportunity to spend time with at work. This is a once a year event so make the effort. Go with a good attitude and enjoy the event. The party is being given for your benefit.
  2. Don’t go to the Christmas party with an empty stomach. If you plan to drink, be prepared and be sensible.
  3. Dress appropriately in accordance with company rules and with consideration to the event venue.
  4. Consider who you take with you to the Christmas party. Remember they are also representing you and you want to ensure they also behave appropriately for the event.. Also ensure a guest is actually invited and the party is not just for staff alone.
  5. Steer clear of the karaoke and save your best dance moves for another time and place.
  6. Be cautious with alcohol. Career planning experts say staying sober is the most important thing to do at the office party. Alcohol clouds judgment. So if you are going to drink, remember to keep your consumption at an appropriate level
  7. Mingle – it’s for one night only, so be sociable. Talk to as many people as you can - staff and their partners. Partners of colleagues will be relieved and enjoy the party more if there are people who go out of their way to chat to them.
  8. Think of a few conversation ice breakers. If you’re going to make the effort, pick subjects which are not going to get you into trouble. No office gossip for starters. Introduce yourself and ask them what they have planned for the holiday period.
  9. Watch the clock. Arrive on time but don’t overstay your welcome.
  10. Have fun. This is a once a year event where you can just enjoy being a group bound together by your employment. Celebrate the positives and leave the negatives at home.