Recent Precedent 2010 - Issue 2

Posted on 25 March 2010

Knowledge + Practical Solutions = Success

You’re in business to deliver a great product you believe in & support your family. We’re in business for the same reason. We help you achieve your goals. You’re not in business to deal with the headaches of:

- Tax & exposure of your assets

- Disputes (internal & external to your business)

- Employment hassles - Bureaucracy and red tape

We can help minimise these headaches, and, at the same time, help your business grow.

Your Goal

You, getting on with what you really want and need to do with your business. Not, getting distracted by sidetracking diversions.

Achieving Your Goal

Knowing what to do - by combing your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of the law, the answers will reveal themselves.

Practically applying the answers - together, we will implement practical solutions that, ultimately, remove unanticipated surprises, and reduce stress and wasted time and money.


While recently updating a client’s Employment Contracts to comply with the Fair Work Act, they told us that in the 4 years they had been engaging our services for “prospective” advice, they had not experienced any untoward employment issues and had become very confi dent with their employment practices. The knowledge and practical solutions that, together, we had applied had helped them get on with what they really needed to, resulting in our client continuing to run a very successful business.

We Can Help You Succeed

Contact us on 1300 306 335 or to help you achieve your goals. We can start with our Business Health Check to start the process of sharing our collective knowledge. Also, we’re still taking bookings for our next National Employment Standards Workshop in June 2010.