Recent Precedent 2010 - Issue 1

Posted on 25 February 2010

New Years Resolutions Obligations

From 1 January this year ALL businesses must provide all new employees with the Fair Work Ombudsman’s “Fair Work Information Statement”. On 1 January NSW’s IR powers were referred to the Commonwealth. The New Fair Work Act now applies to ALL private businesses, including sole traders and partnerships.

The Statement

The Fair Work Information Statement covers:

• The 10 new National Employment Standards introduced on 1 January

• Unfair Dismissal, Unlawful Termination & General Protection Claims

• Union right of entry

• The roles of the Fair Work Ombudsman & Fair Work Australia

Our Business Health Check helps you make the most of the new Fair Work Act and avoid disputes & fines. We can help you incorporate the Fair Work Information Statement into your induction procedures and set up policies, procedures and forms to help you comply with all of your obligations as an employer.

What To Do

1. Go to, or contact us for a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement

2. Arrange a Business Health Check with us to learn about:

• the Fair Work Act & National Employment Standards;

• how to deal with requests for “flexible” work arrangements and other new obligations under the Fair Work Act & the National Employment Standards;

• updating your workplace contracts, policies, procedures & forms.