Top Applications for Businesses

Posted on 23 July 2012

With the rapid rate of technological change businesses are expected to remain connected to clients, colleagues and their industry. We understand remote access to your business, documents  and colleagues can be a powerful tool we have compiled our pick of the top 11 mobile applications on offer for business.

Dropbox free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Enables users to share documents between devices by simply dragging files into the Dropbox folder across multiple devices. Allowing up to 2GB of free storage this is a simple sharing tool allowing you the option to work on files on multiple devices or for team members to work on a project together.

Evernote free

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Google, Safari, Firefox

This application acts to consolidate all your notes, projects and ideas. Easy to use this application allows you to make written, voice or photo notes and the option to share them with colleagues. Files can also be shared between devices where the application has been installed.

Expensify Free

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm

This application allows uses to capture expenses, mileage, receipts and business cards in real time. This is great for those who businesses based out of offices or for those who travel frequently for work. Extra features include linking the application to bank accounts to keep track of expenses.

KeyNote $9.99

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

For those whose business requires the creation of presentations, this application offers all the functionality of PowerPoint yet has been specifically designed for apple devices.

Quickoffice Pro HD $19.99

Compatibility: iPad

Allows to create and edit all Microsoft office products including word, excel and PowerPoint. You can sync your documents through other applications including Dropbox and Evernote and GoogleDocs. Sharing on social media sites are also supported with the software.

If this application is too pricey there are other options, albeit with less features including Quickword and Documents 2 starting at $3.99. For Android users Documents To Go is an alternative with the same capabilities to view Microsoft Word programs.

LinkedIn free

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm

Often referred to as the professional social network, business can get rid of business cards and instead connect with contacts via LinkedIn. Also allowing you to create and control your online professional profile you can stay informed with updates and news in your industry.

Yammer Free

Compatibility: Android

Stay connected with your business wherever you are with this secure networking application. Suitable for all industries this allows you to connect with your co-workers with instant messenger features, post updates or view business notifications.

Tape-a-Talk Free/ $5 pro

Compatibility: Android

For those that need more features than the standard voice recorded on your device, Tape-a-Talk voice recorder may work well with your business needs. Saving unlimited length audio files with a simple touch as .wav or .3pg files users have the option to edit recordings. Allowing users to view other screens or have the screen turned off this is a useful feature for multi-taskers. Tape-a-Talk is also compatible with Dropbox and can also be emailed

Pro Recorder ($4.99) is an option for Apple Device users with a user friendly one touch record feature. Editing options and option to share recordings are some features this application offers users.

FreshBook Free 30 days or under 3 clients/ starting at $19.95/month

Compatibility: iPhone, Blackberry

FreshBook is a great application for entrepreneurs who require secure mobile management of their billing system. With a wide variety of billing templates, including the option to insert business logo, FreshBook allows businesses to send invoices via email.  Clients can also make a payment online via PayPal.

Print and Share $8.99

Compatibility: iPhone, Android

Enables users to print directly from their Smartphone or tablet PC to a Wi-Fi printer, or one connected to a PC or Mac. Printing is not limited to files; this application also allows users to print web pages, contacts, photos and documents from other applications

Jump Desktop $19.90

Compatibility: iPhone, Android and PC, Mac

This secure application offers a reliable tool to for users to remotely control your desktop. Customers are given free ability to manipulate files and programs on their PC or Mac or browse the internet while out of the office or home.

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