New National Business Names Registration System

Posted on 05 July 2012

As of 28 May, 2012 a new national business names registration system began which simplifies the registration of business names in Australia. No longer will you need to register your business name in each state. Once registered, your business name will now be registered nationally. We highly recommend that you check the register to ensure there is no conflict, double up or error relating to your Business Name with the amalgamation of all state’s business names now registered in one central location.

Registration or renewal of business names costs $30 for one year or $70 for a three year period. You will need to have or be in the process of applying for an ABN to be able to apply for a business name. The registration of an ABN remains a free service which you can attend to through the ATO’s website or via your accountant.

If you have an existing business name, or identical names in other states, the name has automatically been transferred over to the new system and only one renewal fee is applicable. Renewals fall due on the last date of expiration listed on your business name registration. The renewal date for registration of multiple business names or registered companies can also now be aligned.

Before progressing with an application to register a new business, the new system also allows you to search existing business names. A series of online tests apply to your enquiry and immediate notification is received as to the status of the name you are searching.

ASIC now manages and administers all business name registrations and renewals Australia wide and can provide additional information should you have a slightly more complicated situation with your business registration or business names, or need to change, update or cancel your registration.

If you believe there is misleading conduct by a business using a name closely aligned to yours, or if you have any concerns about someone else’s business name, contact Dooley and Associates to assist you in ensuring your business receives the benefit it should for its unique registered business name.