Till Debt Do You Part - Don't Fear the Pre-nup

Posted on 11 June 2012

When it comes to marriage or a committed de facto relationship, sometimes falling in love is the easy part. Deciding if your partner is suitable for you in love is very different to whether or not they are a suitable financial partner.

Studies show that money is the number one reason couples split. Before you walk down the aisle or move in together it is important that you have the 'tough' discussions about money so that you and “the love of your life” can do as much as possible to obtain the desired decades of happiness—and financial stability.

In having the 'money talk' you should consider whether your circumstances warrant and would benefit from a Binding Financial Agreement (pre-nup). Many couples avoid even discussing a prenuptial agreement because they perceive it to be a precursor for divorce or separation. On the contrary, it can help lovebirds tackle real issues like debts, assets, business holdings and custody of children from previous marriages—all issues that could come back to bite you if not dealt with early enough.

If you think that your circumstances may benefit from a pre-nuptial agreement or wish to discuss how this agreement can assist you or your partner with protecting assets, please contact us for a confidential consultation.