Conveyancing & Property Law - Residential - Sale

The sale of your home or a property can be a stressful and emotional process. Our Property Law team has experience in selling all types of properties including:

  1. Torrens title
  2. Strata Title
  3. Old Systems Title
  4. Rural Property
  5. Community Title

Selling a property is an important legal transaction and as the Vendor you have responsibilities to any potential purchaser. It is critical you get the sale and that you keep the sale and to do this you must ensure that you have a complete and accurate contract prepared.

Many people do not realise that you must have a complete Contract for Sale prepared before you can list the property for sale or show it to any potential purchasers. Failure to have a complete contract prepared can lead to a lost sale, purchasers withdrawing their deposit or even being ordered to pay significant damages.

We recommend that the first step you take when you decide you want to sell is to call the Property Law team at Dooley & Associates. The Property Law team can also assist you to negotiate the terms of the Sale Agreement with your Agent that are more favourable to you.

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